About Frú Pálína

Guðrún Pálína Haraldsdóttir has always been creative, knitted and sewn from an early age. Icelandic wool has always been her favorite material in her creations. Guðrún Pálína has educated her self in this field throughout the years. It was around 2010 that Guðrún Pálína started to label products that she designed and produced under the brand Frú Pálína.

Frú Pálína is a design and handcraft company that designs wool products made from Icelandic wool. The wool is spun and machine-knitted in Iceland. Each garment is then tailored, sewn and decorated with felt. She gets her inspiration from nature and all its forces. No two garments look the same, even though they are similar, which makes each product unique for you.

Frú Pálína design warm and durable head wear, mittens and sweaters from the magical Icelandic wool. All of the products is the natural choice since it’s breathable, lightweight and keeps you warm all the time.